Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is swapposto

swapposto is an online platform to buy, sell or exchange goods. You may refer About Us Section of the website.

2. Who are Exchangee and Exchanger?

A user who uploads the items for exchange is termed as Exchangee and the user who come forward and offer items for exchange are termed as Exchanger.

3. How do I make my profile on swapposto?

It’s a simple 3 step process:

  • Complete a registration form and you will be ask to get a unique username and password.
  • You will need to provide your email id or phone no. for verification. Verification code will be send to email Id and phone no.
  • After entering your verification code you can create your profile. It will take you few minutes to upload information about yourself and product that you want to exchange.

4. I want to exchange my product, how can I proceed on swapposto?

There are following two ways in which you can exchange your product on swapposto:

Exchangee Approach: After you have made an account on swapposto by following above steps, upload the details of the product that you wish to exchange with a clear picture. It is always recommended to give full and honest information about product highlighting the positive and negative aspects of it. You can select a value for your product.

Exchanger Approach: After you have made an account on swapposto by following above steps, search on swapposto for the products available for exchange. Search could be done in multiple ways such as type of produce, price range, geographical location etc. Once you find desired product, you can send invitation to Exchangee with the detail of your product requesting him/her to exchange products.

Steps are as follow:

  • Upload the product details
  • Search the item available for exchange
  • Contact the fellow exchangee and fix a detail
  • Don’t forget to use our Selling and Transaction guidelines

5. Is it possible that multiple user send request to same Exchangee?

For every exchange item uploaded by the user (exchangee), multiple user can offer items for exchange until and unless the deal is done by Exchangee.

6. I have uploaded details of my product (exchangee) but I also want to search on swapposto (exchanger) so that I can get better deal. Is it possible for an exchanger to be an exchange at a same time?

The terms exchanger and exchange are created to understand the difference between the two users in a transaction. However in literal terms an exchanger could be an exchangee and vice versa.

7. How to sell safely?

  1. Try to take the full payment at the time of the delivery. Remember to use a safe location to meet.
  2. Watch out for fake currency and money orders. Be aware that banks will not honor fake currency/money order and will hold you responsible for it.
  3. Verify the buyer’s credentials if there is a request for a bulk/high value order. Ask the buyer to provide photo ID and proof of address.
  4. Ensure that your product meets the features you list in your ad to avoid any misunderstanding with the buyer.
  5. Beware of Fraudulent Buyers who may claim they are out of city/state/country and may send you a check and will ask you to handover the product to a third person. This type of transaction in almost all cases is fraud.
  6. Do not share your financial information except for the one required for payment.

8. How to make transaction safely?

  • Always meet the seller at a safe location and inspect the item before purchasing. Following this one rule will help you avoid most scams.
  • Watch out for unrealistic offers. If it appears too good to be true, it probably is. Unrealistic offers are used to motivate purchasers to make hasty decisions.
  • The best way to transact is to collect the item and pay at the same time. Never transfer funds or use a debit card to pay someone you do not know before collecting an item.
  • Ask for clear information on condition of the item, price and payment and delivery method.
  • Use only those payment methods that you trust and are familiar with. Never give out your financial information.
  • It is recommended to purchase items directly from the seller.
  • In case of electronic goods, automobiles you should test the functioning before making any purchase. For Automobiles verify chassis number. Make use of 3rd party services that can provide the history of a vehicle for theft, damage, and for identification purposes.
  • Do your research on comparative prices of the product.

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